Hubby is into the engineering and physics of it all, remembers all the details of the teams and fights. I just love seeing the bots crash into each other and fly around the battle box.

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Tuck Everlasting – I’m only a tiny way in but already I love her writing style and can’t wait to pick it up again. I’m surprised that after 20 years of homeschooling I haven’t read this one yet.


The Conqueror app – even though it is so motivating to me I’m overdoing it (what else is new?) For those that haven’t read my other posts it is an app where you go along a virtual route by inputting the exercise you do in your own neighborhood. You can choose from many challenges/routes including several for The Shire/LOTR! I chose one of the longest at almost 500 miles but you can choose from many levels. There is a charge to sign up but it’s cheaper than flying to France and doing the actual Camino de Santiago for me LOL and you get a cool medal at the end. If you would like 10% off, you can use my link.


Speaking of the Camino de Santiago I am loving this image I found along my way:

Apparently this is The Virgin of Orisson. (La Vierge d’Orisson) Also known as La Vierge de Biakorri. I could find very little about her, other than that legend says shepherds brought the ceramic statue of Mary from Lourdes, and that this version of Our Lady is a patroness and protector of shepherds and their sheep as well as all who pass by. Apparently, about twenty years ago the stand of stones was hit by lightning, which split the stones but the statue remained unharmed.

As close a screenshot as I could get for La Vierge d’Orisson


This QiGong YouTube channel and and this trauma informed yoga channel (although I change some of what they say to think and do to be more in line with my beliefs). Both are so calming and get my stiff body moving, and the calming is as important, if not more to me, than the movement.


And finally, Hey Honey I Peel Good gentle facial peel treatment. Smells so good and leaves my sensitive skin so smooth and nourished feeling, unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It is expensive but I did find it on a Lightning Deal.

I hope there are lots of things in *your* life you are loving right now!