I’m Amy, wife to one amazing and patient husband, and mom to five incredible mostly adult children, ages 15 to 25. I’ve recently been forcibly retired from homeschooling after 20 years, when my son decided to go to high school outside the home.

Chronic illness has consumed most of the last 4 years (and honestly, much of the decades before that, but I didn’t realize it at the time, being told that extreme exhaustion was “normal” for a mom of 5 *eyeroll*). Although semi functional at this point — and inching towards health week by week — I still spend much of my time in bed. Make myself breakfast…get back in bed…go for a short walk…get back in bed. You get the picture.

This blog is my chatty place, unlike my other neglected blogs which are more, for lack of a more accurate term, educational, on living life as a highly sensitive mom and homeschooler. Here I just talk about whatever, whenever.