• new blogging friends and followers
  • people who read blogs without a lot of pictures, because adding a lot of photos is just one too many things most days
  • my wonderful husband and kids (of course this should be first) 🙂
  • what I am learning about nervous system health – like about multi-tasking (as I am doing now, *sigh*) and how it signals to my body I’m not safe. One thing at a time, Amy! (goes and turns off the podcast I was half listening to)
  • Drive up book-hold-pickup at the local library!
  • Jo has arrived home safe from Italy!
  • Amy Jr. had a safe time at the March for Life (and the multi-hour bus trip to/from)
  • people who understand my mind isn’t what it once was and are patient with my inarticulate attempts at conversation and compassion, and know my heart is in the right place
  • God leading me to several scriptures this week (basically by opening my bible in the right place) that show he is gently guiding me to stiller waters, and reminding me that I might need to “wait on Him” in order to get there (I. am. so. impatient!)

this is from Isaiah 40