I know I’m getting old, because all this “website stuff” is so much harder than I remember it being a few years ago. All the updates and integrations are supposed to make everything easier, but to me it all seems foreign and overly complicated.

Case in point there used to be a widget to gather email addresses of people who wanted to get notified of new posts, that I could put in my sidebar (LOL I almost said “sideboard” – I’ve been doing too much furniture shopping lately). Now, I’m supposed to give my credit card to get a free integrated system that will do everything but wash our dishes at night. Except all I want is a box that people can put their emails in that will automatically send them new posts (and someone to wash our dishes at night 🙂 ).  And NOT give someone my credit card.

I used to be so techie. I went to a college that was one of the first to give everyone a personal computer and then these cool for the time room phones that could forward messages, etc.  I was the one teaching all my friends.  I usually surprised people because I didn’t come across as a computer nerd, I was just a biology major that picked it up easily and enjoyed learning about it. Email was instrumental to my long distance relationship with my now husband, and BBSes were a fun “pre-internet” way to spend my time.  Fast forward a bit and I enjoyed learning enough code to crash my blog, LOL.

But now my kids talk about stuff and I’m lost. My blog wants some huge system of plugins and widgets and I sigh.  Its “visual editor” makes me twitch. Can I admit that this bothers me more than the other symptoms of aging?  Like having to hold my phone at arms length to read it and the fact that I have more gray hair than brown now?  I was hoping to be the first old lady in the nursing home riding her flying combo scooter/cell phone/personal assistant around the place and teaching all the other old ladies about it.

I could blame my Lyme disease, and that may be a small part of it. But if I can learn Chinese (Nĭ hăo!) I think I should be able to keep up with the tech world.

Alas, ’tis not to be. Anyone want to join me on the porch swing while my kids explain Tik Tok to me? 🙂